About CAC

Citizens Against Crime is a watchdog organization formed on behalf of citizens.

Mission Statement: To help organize and develop community groups, address gaps in law enforcement coverage, and to reinforce principles of accountability and justice when they appear to be failing.

Our core areas of concern are:
1. Awareness – To make people aware of current challenges and issues facing the community. We will base all of our official positions, build all of our strategies, and educate people based on solid facts such as crime statistics, laws, and ordinances.
2. Prevention – To enact, partner with, and promote programs which prevent or minimize crime; including educating people on how to be a hard target, discouraging criminal activity, promoting youth programs, uprooting poverty strongholds, as well as to improve communication between citizens and their elected officials.
3. Watch – To simplify and help coordinate efforts between Neighborhood Watch groups, improve communication and reporting efficiency to minimize waste of law enforcement’s time, and monitoring strategic areas with volunteers.
4. Justice – To follow up on major crimes, arrests, and prosecutions to make sure justice in the eyes of the people has been served appropriately as well as to increase the level of attention to matters that citizens do not feel are being adequately addressed by local government.
5. Recovery – To partner with and reinforce programs for those that help heal and recover victims of a crime, those trying to escape criminal territory (eg. gang life), or those who simply want to better themselves and exit a life of criminal tendency.

Citizens Against Crime aims to act as a coordinator and framework for a variety of community organizations.  It does NOT aim to replace or impose control over these organizations.  All community organizations are completely independent of Citizens Against Crime.


Interested in helping?  Send us a message: http://cacburlington.org/contactus/

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