CAC Burlington is an anti-crime action group formed on behalf of citizens in the Greater Burlington Area.

We’re known as “Citizens Against Crime”, “CAC”, “Citizens Against Crime, LLC”, and “CAC Burlington” throughout the Greater Burlington Area.

We aim to address the core issues surrounding crime by forming teams of volunteers for each of these core areas. We believe that crime is attached to poverty and a breakdown of values, and is allowed to persevere due to gaps in law enforcement coverage, a breakdown of family values and accountability, as well as irresponsible property owners.  While we do not directly operate these missions we help nurture existing relationships, neighborhood watch groups, and provide support and guidance for those areas we feel are week.  Our goal is to ensure each of our target areas are operating at an appropriate level.  [Click HERE to learn more about the specific things CAC does behind the scenes ]

Interested in helping us?  Contact us here: http://cacburlington.org/contactus/

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